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Masculinity / Femininity - Concepts of Gender
Masculinity/Femininity is an experimental documentary that challenges normative notions of gender, sexuality and performance. Experimental filmmaker Russell Sheaffer's Masculinity/Femininity takes over where his short film starring James Franco, Masculinity & Me, left off. Shot mainly on Super 8mm film, this…
Saltwater Baptism - Gay and in Love at an Evangelical College
What do you do when your relationship conflicts with your religion? Santiago Gonzalez IV, a first generation Mexican-American, struggles with the tensions between his sexuality, nationality, and religion as he prepares for his college graduation.
It's 2008 and the blood of xenophobia's stench is etched on the streets of Johannesburg. By day, Aben, an Indian South African, runs his restaurant in the viby, predominantly Muslim, Indian community of Fordsburg. But by night, Aben is haunted…
History, Memory, and Queerness - LGBTQ Experimental Art
The experimental films in this collection work to explore the ways that our bodies and subjectivity impact how we encounter our sexuality, our world, and ourselves. Whether through an exploration of history (Memory of Objects), of fantasy (Monotony), or of…
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The Forgetting Game - How is History Written?
During the height of political tensions in 1960s Berlin, a little girl was peacefully transferred from East to West Berlin by her family's effort and love. Afterwards, her transportation was nearly erased from popular historical record, questioning what we choose…
The Acetate Diary Series
The Acetate Diary Series encompasses four collaborative films made in the wake of a serious car collision. The films, which include Blood on the Window, Broken Jaw, On Surgery, and Acetate Diary (which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival) are…
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