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Challenges the concept of "clean coal", documenting the devastating ecological, social and health impact of mountain-top removal coal mining. Every eleven and one-half days, the explosive equivalent of the Hiroshima atomic bomb is unleashed upon the mountains of southern West Virginia and eastern Kentucky - for coal.

The film follows the explosive forces that have set in motion a groundswell of conflict between the coal industry and residents of West Virginia, where over 1.4 million acres of mountains have been destroyed and groundwater polluted. Confronted by a US energy policy that favors coal without sufficient regard for the negative impact its extraction causes, local activists organize to arouse the nation and help protect their health, their communities and their way of life.

Featuring both coal mining advocates as well as opponents, this is an insightful and eye-opening film on the coal controversy.

"As upsetting as it is informative." -New York Times

"Highly Recommended. Burning the Future casts a critical but fair-minded eye on coal mining in West Virginia." -Video Librarian

"The flawless beauty of Novack's coverage of dynamited mountains, slurry pools and rapidly churned-out coal underscores the inexorability of the practice and the devastation in its wake." -Variety

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Anonymous picture

16:08, funniest section in the movie. "It's almost an artistic activity"

Yeah, sure, blowing up mountains and dropping rocks to fill the gorges you've created is artistic...

Fantastic film! A must-see for anyone studying GECs or hoping to help the environment in this trying ...Read more