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When she discovers her students are hiding their true thoughts and feelings, Carla (Jutta Hoffmann), a young and idealistic teacher at the start of her career, goes against the routine opportunism, hypocritisy and small-mindedness all around her. Her superiors view her actions with unease, however, and eventually step in to discipline her.

This film, written by renowned author Ulrich Plenzdorf, was considered nihilistic, skeptical and hostile by officials. It became one of the dozen East German films banned in 1965-66. Only in 1990, after the fall of the Wall, was Carla finally screened in cinemas.

Comments (3)

Anonymous picture

It was very interesting to see what life was like in a small city in East Germany in the 60's. (It looks to me that the film was shot in Stralsund or Griefswald?) I liked the friendship that develops between Karla and her principal at the school as they end up understanding each other. And ...Read more

Kim avatar

Great film and I understand why is was banned. Acting and emotional investment was superb. So great full I was able to witness it. Worth the watch and makes me feel good about the freedom I have.

Anonymous picture

The film Carla started out as a pile of flimsy, wrinkled paper. No hint of a story with a beginning and end, and no hint of conflict on the part of the teacher. It gave a relaxed, easygoing impression. But with great dialogues, such a sure feel for characters and situations, and quirky jokes, ...Read more