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This two-part epic traces the development of a manor and farm in Mecklenburg, from the flight of its aristocratic landowners before the advancing Soviet troops in 1945, to just after the East German uprising of June 17, 1953, by which time it has become an agricultural cooperative. Powerful stories and images take place in a context of historical events. 2-DVD set.

The story revolves around a peasant girl who is to go study to become an agronomist in the new order - and who is also the illegitimate daughter of the former lord of the manor, who raped her mother. The anarchic, yet optimistic chaos of the postwar years, the sometimes petty and personal nature of the political conflicts, and the rough edges displayed by even the heroes precludes this from being a purely dogmatic socialist-realist film.

Running Time
197 mins
Nb videos
2 videos included

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Tom avatar

An enjoyable film. Well directed and well written. It gives an interesting perspective of historical events from the side of the GDR.