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An adaptation of The Deerslayer, by James Fenimore Cooper. French colonists and Hurons fight against English troops and their allies, the Delaware. Only Chingachgook, a young Delaware, and his fair-skinned friend Deerslayer realize that the colonizers intend to exterminate the Native Americans altogether.

Wahtawah, the daughter of the Delawarean chief, was promised to Chingachgook, who has been accepted into the tribe. Before the nuptials take place, however, the Huron raid the Delawarean camp and run off with Wahtawah. Together with his friend Deerslayer, Chingachgook sets out to free her from her captors. As they approach the Huron camp, hunter Harry Hurry, settler Tom Hutter and two scalp hunters cross their path. Chingachgook fails to free Wahtawah from the Huron and is taken captive himself. Moreover, his attempt to convince the Huron that the war between the whites ought not concern the Indians proves to be futile. Indeed, only after the English have attacked and subsequently destroyed the Huron camp does the wounded Huron chief come to the painful realization that Chingachgook was right and declare peace with all Native American tribes.

Running Time
94 mins
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2 videos included