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The Forest For The Trees
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The Forest For The Trees

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Anonymous picture

Einfach genial! OK... I'm biased; I studied in Karlsruhe at the TH, so the local dialects were a treat; her schwabian marking her as a bumpkin among the local badeners. I felt her pain viscerally throughout the film. Not to spoil the ending, but I had to look up an interview with the ...Read more

Richard avatar

Dispiriting, though well-acted.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

It's SO GERMAN. I can't believe this movie to be "completely" hones. Let me just tell you one thing, people like that main character, woul have been seriously "corrected" in my hometown, (Santa Fe) when I lived there a very long time ago. I haven't been there in many MANY years so in all ...Read more

Anonymous picture

As an extreme introvert myself, I can see this character did not belong in a public school classroom. I related to her difficulty in making new friends as well. It was especially painful to watch her ingratiate herself with a woman that didn't seem to like her much, and with whom she had ...Read more

Michael avatar

This film resembles the American feature, Frances Ha, since both Frances and Melanie have aged out of adolescence, but haven't moved on to a satisfying post-adolescent adulthood. By the end of the American film, Frances has accepted a probably sustainable compromise: instead of a career as a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

OMG great movie, but SO depressing. Still worth watching totally. Because this can happen to anyone. Please watch out for your fellow people....

Anonymous picture

About the saddest film I’ve seen. Very realistic portrayal of loneliness and the difficulties of being a new teacher. Quite heartbreaking.

Anonymous picture

Tragic, uncomfortable, and all too relatable, this film is a great coming-of-age story for young adults who are trying to find their way in a new city or job. Eva Löbau is awkward and pathetic but always believable. It is incredible that Maren Ade was able to execute a film of this caliber as ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Sometimes painful to watch this... someone trying to come into their own power. She's got a long way to go. A movie about growing pains and growing up. Weak ending; didn't really get it...

Anonymous picture

Man, that was brutal!!! I don’t get it!!