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GTFO: Get the F**k Out
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GTFO: Get the F**k Out
Women in Gaming

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Comments (14)

Anonymous picture

these days its sad to see that there's not enough notice. its almost as if all these atrocious "trash talking" things are somehow equivalent of a gamers freedom of expression. it's just wrong.

Anonymous picture

I am a female gamer and have not run in to a lot of problems. I don't want homosexual games as requested in the film. I would like to be able to play as a female in more games though as most the time they are male only. This video seems to take the wild side on all ideas and I am not in to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I was expecting there to be more about GamerGate (They even feature Brianna Wu!), and it was odd that almost all of the women/girls interviewed were white, but it was still a good exploration of the B.S. faced by gamers who are women in doing what they love / their jobs.

Anonymous picture

Wow - Aris Bakhtanians. Quite the loser! But I personally never wanted the headset, I could never tolerate the "shit" talk. I was never a fan of the mysogynous games like GTA. Lately I am playing pinball FX2VR, trackmania turbo (set #1 world record on one of the tracks), trials fusion, dear ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I have never come across such horrible harassment while playing games online and hope I never. But for those who have stay strong sisters because there are others out there including men who are on our side, and as a female looking to work in game design I better not experience any harassment ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The most positive thing that can be said about this film is that it's a great summation of the general-purpose argument on one side of an issue, even including dissenting voices on specific issues within that camp. To echo Darien: Guys, it's not as bad as you think. It is infuriating at some ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It was great to watch a film that tackled this difficult topic. Some of the content is shocking. When this film was made, not enough people were talking about this issue, or at least not without being publicly attacked and harrassed - so this was a bold film to make. As a woman who worked in ...Read more

Anonymous picture

very interesting. This is becoming a more known topic. Gaming and the general internet community are an industry where the identity is hidden and the true opinions of people are spoken. This is a growing problem in this day and age and needs attention.

Daniel avatar

interesting topic, but it is unwatchable...

Anonymous picture

What made it so for you?

Anonymous picture

This documentary was a good highlight at the INSANE misogyny that exists within the gaming world. The film could have had another segment that focused on the only door left for women in gaming is to be "one of the guys," that is to have to either accept and approve the sexism and/or pander to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

As a guy who plays games, I recommend other guys to watch this. It's not as one-sided as you might expect, give it a chance. It's worth your time.

Anna avatar

Great documentary for both gamers and non-gamers exploring the world of gaming through the various perspectives of women. Sheds light on women's experiences particularly with sexual harassment and the lack of female representation among gamers and developers. I greatly enjoyed the 8-bit ...Read more

Anonymous picture

As one of the female gamers said in this film, in gaming when women and men are on a level playing field because physicality is no longer a factor, then the only thing in battle is the brain which is a scary thing for some, particularly misogynists.
These are brave women doing what they ...Read more