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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

What a magical film...violent,funny, sad...poetic as Hell...

Mei Mei avatar
Mei Mei

This is not my first Kitano movie but it should have been. This is probably the least violent one? Very much enjoyed the visuals. Very beautiful, especially Horibe-san's paintings, ugh, those were my favorite frames.

Anonymous picture

He actually has a few wonderful non-violent ones. Kikujiro was my favorite film for a long time, and it's not actually a gangster or cop story. A Scene at the Sea is probably his only film devoid of any violence or slapstick.

Neon avatar

The Beauty of Kitano lies within this film. Poetry and Violence has never worked so good as this in a while.

Anonymous picture

Takeshi Kitano's pacing of scene, the sublime wide angle to close violence, is unique. I hope "Sonatine" will be included in the catalogue.

Anonymous picture

Great movie: violent, but it has quiet and poetic moments as well. I liked the contrast between the jaded ex-cop who doesn't care anymore (Kitano) and his paralyzed friend also ex-cop who takes painting. See it

Dylan avatar

This is one of my favorite films, and in my opinion the most accessible of Takeshi Kitano's movies. It's a crime movie, with real tenderness. I'd start with this film and then move on to the other Kitano titles on Kanopy.