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Ken Burns: The Central Park Five
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Ken Burns: The Central Park Five

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Anonymous picture

Viewing this video indicates that this country has a long way to go toward closing the racial divide. That investigations of police found no misconduct is astonishing! I certainly hope these young men extract a huge financial settlement from NYC.

Melissa Adylia avatar
Melissa Adylia

WOW! Heartbreaking injustice! Those poor young men and their families. And the poor victim of the assault. How do those investigators, interrogations, and prosecutors, and jurors live with this...
Well done documentary.

Anonymous picture

What a searing indictment of the criminal justice system: the police, prosecutors, the jury. And of the media, the politicians and the fearful public who were in a frenzy to find the perpetrators of this awful crime. It's also a testament to the courage of the victim herself who made a full ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Thank you Ken Burns for telling this important story through the soft spoken words of these graceful, patient, seemingly non-bitter, men.Their courageous interviews shine a light on the fear and false righteousness that cripples our country and our world. This is a film about true dignity in ...Read more

Anonymous picture
Anonymous picture

Hard to believe so little attention has been given in light of the Making of a. Murderer outrage. But then again these boys aren't white! Tragic!

Anonymous picture

So little attention? If you lived in NYC you certainly wouldn't claim that. Fairstein was forced to resign from the boards of any number of nonprofits -- including from the advisory board of her alma mater Vassar; then her long-time publisher abruptly dropped her. That all happened in the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It had received little attention before the Netflix series, that is true.