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Gospel Music Legend and Civil Rights Activist Mavis Staples

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

Oh, yeah. We need MORE documentaries like this. The true and beautiful legacy of America isn't "bringing freedom" to other countries, it's the music, the movies, the literature. Above all, the music: Gospel, Blues, Jazz, R'nB, Rock...

Priscilla avatar

Love me some Mavis. Another voice we will never hear the likes of,... ever. God bless her.

Anonymous picture

Mavis I love you! Your voice always made me stop and close my eyes so that I could feel every word. I see why people love you! Thank you!

Anonymous picture
mary blackston

I really enjoy watching Mavis she is such an inspiration.

Anonymous picture

I'm a devout agnostic, but you show me a church where Mavis is singing, and I'm there in the front row. A true American treasure.