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Nazi Mega Weapons
Season 1

Nazi Mega Weapons - Season 1
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Atlantic Wall
Atlantic Wall To protect occupied Europe from an Allied invasion, Hitler demands the construction of a defensive wall stretching thousands of kilometers from France in the south to Norway in…
U-Boat Base
U-Boat Base To create a haven in port for their lethal U-boat submarines, the Nazis build massive, impenetrable concrete submarine pens. Structures too immense to be hidden, they are constructed…
V2 Rocket
V2 Rocket The first ever long-range rockets were designed and built by the Nazis in a network of top-secret research labs, underground silos and hi-tech launch pads. This is the…
Super Tanks
Super Tanks Hitler's megalomaniac impulses lead him to demand the construction of the largest tank the world had ever seen -- a mobile fortress weighing 180 tons. But even this…
Jet Fighter Me262 Explore the most technological advanced plane of World War II. A fighter jet that inspired a revolution in aerial warfare: the Messerschmitt Me262. This is the remarkable…
Fortress Berlin
Fortress Berlin April 1945. Hitler is 10 meters underground in the center of Berlin, surrounded by concrete walls, safe from any air attack by the Allies. But the Russians are…