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The Rabbit Is Me was intended to encourage discussion of the democratization of East German society. A sardonic portrayal of the GDR's judicial system, the film was condemned as an anti-socialist, pessimistic and revisionist attack on the state. Its name was eventually adopted to signify all the banned films of 1965-66, which became known as the "Rabbit Films."

A young student has an affair with a judge. She learns that he once sentenced her brother for political reasons and eventually confronts him, accusing him of opportunism and hypocrisy. After its release in 1990, The Rabbit Is Me earned critical praise as one of the most important and courageous works ever made in East Germany. It was screened at The Museum of Modern Art in 2005 as part of the film series Rebels with a Cause: The Cinema of East Germany.

Running Time
160 mins
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4 videos included

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I was incredibly disappointed that The Rabbit Is Me wasn’t approved. The premiere was already in place, the film worked, and it stood up for something that meant a great deal to me—a democratization of our whole life, a step towards a democratic socialism. That was the core theme. And to ...Read more