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The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo
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The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo
Oscar Zeta Acosta: From Latino Activist to Dr. Gonzo

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Comments (3)

Anonymous picture

Fascinating, thought-provoking, funny and sad. What an incredible man. Latinx youth need to know him.

Anonymous picture

I very much so enjoyed the kitschy effects used to submerge us in the time frame to which all this happened. That parallel to the powerful, deep, and sad moments really proved for a great contrast and mirror to the kind of person Oscar was. Truly a great bio-doc. :)

Juan avatar

this is a powerful film, about the struggle of a man who's true sense of himself was lost to oppression and systematic denigration. A man who embodied la vida loca and dedicated himself to betterment of his people, La Raza!