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Stationed in a secluded Bulgarian village in 1943, Walter, an artist and sergeant in the Wehrmacht, lives an almost idyllic life far away from the war. Then one day a transit camp is set up for Jews arriving from Greece. Ruth, one of the Greek Jews, asks Walter to help a pregnant woman in the camp. At first he refuses, but then changes his mind and sends a doctor into the camp...

Stars, based on scriptwriter Angel Wagenstein's personal experiences and historic events during the Holocaust in the Balkans, was awarded the Special Grand Jury Prize at the 1959 Cannes Film Festival. Now available in a newly restored digital transfer from the original 35mm negative the film broke with East Bloc representational conventions during the Cold War in its depiction of both Wehrmacht soldiers and Jewish suffering and resistance.

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Somehow both sweet and haunting, and also affirming the human spirit in the darkest of places.