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What's in a Name?
Le prénom

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Excellent, but not if you need shiny hip special effects, or wide panoramas and battle scenes. This is based on a play, long, deep, loud monologues at times, very well put together. Begins as a comedy, yet before you know what, you find yourself hating one of the characters, then another, ...Read more

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Pascal avatar

mauvais acteurs, mauvais dialogues.

Anonymous picture

Excellent film.

Anonymous picture

Super !

Anonymous picture

Another well done film. Like Hunters and Gatherers, it didn't challenge my ideas about what is morally acceptable.

Anonymous picture

"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" - but French and mostly played for laughs. very enjoyable (but on reflection, one of the story elements is somewhat creepy)

Anonymous picture

Superb film. If you're a fan of well-scripted comedies with a brilliant cast in the vein of Dîner des Cons, this film is for you. My only complaint is that I don't see enough films like these.